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Friday, June 6, 2008

Take the Free Book Crack - You Know You Want To

Stack of Books Creative Commons

A new trend is busting out all over publishing - free books by download.

  • SmartBitches reports you can get the first two books in Julia-Fleming Spencer's mystery series for free (so they can hook you and you'll be jonesing to buy the next four). Diabolical. If I like the first two, I'm much more likely to buy the remaining books in the series.
  • And Tor has just started, a sci fi website offering a free book download and wall paper every week for everyone who signs up for their newsletter. I just received my first free book, Orphans of Chaos by John Wright. Again, if I like his first book, I'll hunt up the second.
  • HarperCollins is also offering large segments of their books for browsing in a try before you buy strategy.
I'm in book heaven! I But I wish I had a Kindle to read them on instead of the pdf on my laptop. Here Kindle, Kindle, Kindle.


OCD Michael said...

I can't believe you didn't contact me directly about this -- I LOVE FREE BOOKS, especially free SF/Fantasy books!!! I had a blog entry about wanting free books. (Hm... I seem to recollect asking people to leave a comment if they knew of any. Oh well, "you can lead a horse to spilt milk yada yada yada").

I've tried the whole calling a Kindle to me bit, but it doesn't work. Things are too smart to fall for that old trick.

I did sample the new Borders version of vitually the same thing, and if the Kindle is half of what that one is, I can see myself using it. Quite the fun toy.

But of course, NOTHING will ever replace books...

Tor'ing my way to free books,

Tricia Grissom said...

You're right, I was totally remiss. My bad.

I will now refrain from playing with my Jane Austen action figure as punishment.