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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Essay Market - Skirt Magazine

Vintage skirt by tajai Creative Commons

Looking for a home for your 800-1200 word essay? Try Skirt Magazine. They publish fourteen estrogen-rich essays per month (although they say "women and women's interests shouldn't limit your choice of topic.")

Monthly themes for 2008 as quoted from their website:
AUGUST: The Detour Issue
Simplifying your life; downsizing your life; organizing your home, becoming less of a pack rat, taking a different path, moving on, being in nature, cutting ties, less is more, moments of zen, running away.

SEPTEMBER: The Rules Issue
Making them, breaking them, bending them, women rule, the exception that proves the rule, conquering, rules for living, playing by the rules (or not), power, dominance, influence.

OCTOBER: Wonder Women
Women who inspire, what you aspire to, women who do it all, heroic women, icons, rule-breakers, your political involvement, situations with female politicians, why women don’t run, why women should run for office, women who lead the pack, leadership, going out on a limb.
NOVEMBER: The Delicious Issue
Dish, cravings, good taste, junk food, comfort food, having your cake and eating it too, the good life, heavenly, mouth-watering, appetites, drop-dead gorgeous, nourishment for the body and the mind, fit for the goddesses, pleasure, delighting the senses (all six of them).
DECEMBER: Fresh Starts
Resolutions you kept, resolutions you broke, why we make resolutions or why we shouldn’t, turning around a tough situation; working through hard times, starting over, clean slate, new beginnings, epiphanies.

*These are suggestions only intended to inspire writers interested in submitting for a particular month. We recognize that you may have ideas for other variations on theme of the month and look forward to reading your submissions.

Essays are due on the first of the month prior to the issue you're shooting for. So if you want your essay in August's Detour issue, submit it by July 1, 2008.
Read some their current essays to get a feel for what they're looking for. I love Amy Henry's essay "Dancing in my Kitchen" about how she stopped pining for the promises her husband had made. She cranks up the tunes and dances into the next phase of her life. Excellent choice of music too. Rock on.

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