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Friday, June 13, 2008

Amazon, I May Have to Break Up With You

Bully Free Zone by Eddie S Creative Commons

Dear Amazon,

I loved you once. I bought almost all my books from you even though I went to Barnes and Noble every week for my critique group. This New Yorker cover, that was me.

But apparently you've had a head injury. Or maybe you just lost your soul in the big, bad world of commerce. You're causing collateral damage to authors in this nasty fight you're having with Hachette UK. No on likes a bully, Amazon. The authors didn't do anything to you.

Most writers make little enough money as it is. They dreamed for years, worked hard, were good enough to make it. And now you are punishing them for things that aren't their fault. Your mother would be ashamed. Aren't those $400 Kindles making you enough money?

Your tactics might work, but I've lost respect for you. I'll be honest, right now I'll still buy the occasional book from you. But when I get a coupon for my favorite book, Barnes and Noble gets my business. And I'm watching you. Any more of these tactics and I may have to cut off our relationship entirely.

I believe you're a good guy, Amazon. I admire your pioneer spirit and your enthusiastic attitude. Don't go the dark side.

Tricia Grissom
Formerly Faithful Customer and Writer

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