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Friday, September 7, 2007

Seeking Stories from Travelers and Christians seeks true travel stories to publish in their annual anthologies. Their website lists the book titles and their submission deadlines.

Right now they want funny travel stories from everyone, and from women specifically. They also want true stories of dangerous and exciting women's travel. Some deadlines have passed, so be sure to read the submission guidelines carefully. But they generally retain stories submitted after the deadline for the following year's books. They pay $100 and a contributor's copy.

And the God Allows U-Turns series has just reopened their submissions for three books:

Parents Setting Boundaries (with adult children) - stories on how adult children or grandchildren violate boundaries and how parents deal with these issues.

Boomer Babes Rock - Faith-based stories about baby boomer women, their issues, and connection to God.

Writing from the Heart and Soul - Writers of all kinds (published and unpublished) will share their stories of the writing life and how their faith contributes to being a wordsmith.

So tell your faith-based stories on one of these themes and you may get $30, a by-line in one of their new anthologies, and a contributor's copy. The deadline is December 31, 2007. Their computer had a melt down and they lost all the stories submitted so far for 2007, so if you previously submitted, be sure to resubmit.

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