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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

101 Reasons to Freelance and the Freelancer's Electronic Toolkit

Inkthinker has a blog about HR World's list of reasons to freelance. They give 101 reasons freelancers have it better than those poor slobs on The Office. And they go beyond the obvious ones of working in your jammies and vacationing at a whim (though those are included).

A few of my favorites include:
  • You avoid having a One Crazy Person who works with you and never seems to get fired or leave the company.

  • You can powernap at home.

  • Your house will be cleaner because you're at home all the time. (Obviously they haven't met me)

  • And last, you get cool tools. They link to a list of electronic tools great for freelancers - everything from calendars to ways to keep track of finances. I'm checking out FreshBooks. They do your billing and invoices for you. I'll try to post a review here after I try them for free.

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