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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Writer Mama Comment for Today's Contest

I love today's question over at Writer Mama's contest.

What would your work day look like if you were making six figures freelancing? I couldn't resist, so here's my answer:

My manservant Manolo wakes me gently with fresh tea and scones. Then the nanny brings my beautiful children into the bedroom for a kiss from me before they are off to school.

After breakfast, Manolo brings me my laptop and goes over my scheduled tasks for the day (he’s so cute with that pencil behind his ear). I nod thoughtfully and make notes about which projects I need to work on.

I rise and dress. Manolo brings me the phone and dials the number for interviews I must conduct for my articles. I gently clear my throat and begin the day’s work.

I tip tap type until luncheon (Manolo is so good with chicken kiev). After my repast, I finish any projects due for that day and make notes on what must be accomplished for the next day and send out several more queries to prime the pump.

The children come home and we laugh, talk, and go over their homework. We have dinner and then I put them to bed for the evening and write on my WIP which has just been purchased by Major Publishing, Inc.

At bedtime, Manolo tucks me in. It must end here. I don’t kiss and tell.

Ya'll know I write fantasy, right? ;)

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