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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For Writers and Other Storytellers: Why You Should Hang In There by Ira Glass

Ira Glass is host of This American Life, and he has a genius video series on storytelling. One of my favorites  is about why we should hang in there when our vision doesn't quite match our narrative abilities - at least not yet. He's talking about producing radio stories, but it applies to all storytelling. Revel in the badness, people, and expect it. It gets you to the moist, gooey center later.


Unknown said...

Hi Tricia,
When I read the word "genius" in your post, I thought--Woa!--it's not like Tricia to exaggerate. So I decided to watch the video And Woa! again. You did not exaggerate. Every writer or creative type should watch Ira's genius video. He gives hope to us all.
Thanks for another amazing post!
Donna V.

zeldadg said...

Thanks, Donna.

He has a whole series that makes me want to create stories. I posted another one on my students' blog at if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

This is FABULOUS!!! It totally applies to teaching, IMO :D I'm in my 6th year, and all the time I think, man, was I lousy the first few years, and I'm so much better now, and some days I'm brilliant, but there's still such a GAP to what I know in my "good taste" is excellent teaching. (I love his word choice, something else he has perfected!) I gotta check out the series...


zeldadg said...

Yeah. I think as Americans we have this idea that you have to be instantly talented at something. But everything takes practice. It isn't a sexy idea, but it's true.