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Monday, February 9, 2009

Breaking News: Kindle 1's on Order will be Kindle 2

They finally announced the Kindle 2 today. If you go to Amazon and click on preorder one, farther down on the screen it says if you previously ordered a Kindle 1 and have not yet received it, it will automatically be upgraded to a Kindle 2.

"If you have previously placed an order for Kindle 1, and have not yet received it, your order will automatically be upgraded to Kindle 2. You need to do nothing."

Yipee! Come to Mama!

And if you own a Kindle 1, you can get first priority for a Kindle 2:

"Special Opportunity for Kindle 1 Owners

Even though we’ve increased our manufacturing capacity, we want to be sure our original Kindle owners are first in line to receive Kindle 2. Place your Kindle 2 order by midnight PST on February 10th and you will receive first priority."

Watch a video demo of the new Kindle 2. It says if you have a Kindle 1, all your current books can be downloaded to your Kindle 2 for free.


Anonymous said...

I saw the news article about improved Kindle and thought of you!!!

zeldadg said...

Thanks. That's my Christmas present they've been holding hostage! I hope they ship them soon.