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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sweetgum Press Needs More Missouri Paranormal Stories

Photo Piccadillywilson Creative Commons

The editor is holding the collection until she has a good sampling of stories. Examples of what's been received so far:

"I received one on the Light at Senate, and that was a very short piece, like a summary anecdote; one ghost experience that was connected to opening an attic; one ghost story about sounds and feelings at night.

One person described, in person, an experience to me--having a section of the house get colder and colder while the rest of the house was warm; the family associated it with evil and that sounded like a good explanation at the time. She may submit a piece about that."

From the previous blog post:
Sweetgum Press currently seeks, for an anthology, non-fiction based on real-life mysterious and paranormal phenomena in Missouri (marsh lights, hauntings, and the like): Anecdotes, essays, interviews or other appropriate genre from 500 words (anecdote) to 8000 words.

Contributors whose work is selected will receive a small cash payment, the amount depending on the length of the piece, and copies of the publication. Anticipated date of publication is fall 2008.

Submit your best work, in standard professional format, to Sweetgum Press, P. O. Drawer J, Warrensburg, MO 64093.Queries only to: See our general guidelines at

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