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Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy for Feeling This Way - Write Till You Die

Creative Commons photo by Lori Greig

It's official. I have lost my ever loving mind.

The book world is buzzing about Borders going under and possibly being munched up by Barnes and Noble. This is very bad news. Some books that would have been picked up by Borders will go orphaned if we have only one book store chain in control of the universe. Less competition = fewer books sold.

And I don't care.

I don't want to give up writing. I don't want to acknowledge the hard, stark light of reality shining on my reduced publishing options.I don't want to wallow in sorrow at the diminishing chances of getting a new book published.

Because they'll have to pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands! All of you other writers who understand the implications, who want to have silly things like free time and peace of mind, flee in terror. You are probably sane.

I, on the other hand, cannot conceive of a life without writing and so I will go on. I will go on whether I get published or not because I must write these things that come out of my head. I will go on to face seemingly insurmountable odds. As God as my witness, I will go on writing again.

Happy Easter!

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Tricia Sanders said...

I would hate to see Borders succumb to B&N. I love you Borders. Can you hear me?
But, I agree. Whether or not, I'll still be writing. In fact, it's in my Will that my laptop goes with me. I'll have to make a written account of my ascent (or descent) as the case may be. Thought I'm hoping for upward as my laptop is not flame-resistant.

Maybe I better re-think those bad words in my manuscript.