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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sauce Seeks More Food Essays From St. Louis Area Residents

Photo by Dahon from Creative Commons

Sauce Magazine , the St. Louis Metro Area's Restaurant Guide, is seeking food essay submissions for their new column.

So if you live in the St. Louis area and can carry on about cheese, wax rhapsodic about rutabagas, or write drool-worthy prose about your favorite food experiences/memories, write an essay and submit it to Sauce. Essays should be around 900 words and 12 will be featured in their monthly column. The stories can take place anywhere in the world, but must be unpublished.

If you were accepted in the original call for submissions last fall, their current submission guidelines say you can submit another essay but no author will have more than one essay published in a calendar year. I have one appearing in May, so that gives me time to work on another for next year. I'd still send your submission in as soon as you can, so they have time to consider your essay.

Here some advice from editor Katie O'Connor on what they're looking for:
"The essays can be about *anything* (really!), as long as food factors in somewhere -- either directly, as a main character or the main focus of the story -- a description of the first time the author ate an exotic ingredient, for example, or perhaps a story about experiencing the food in Italy -- or indirectly, as a component of the story or as a background element. A look at a family's kooky dynamic as told through a typical family dinner hour is an example; so is the chapter in Ruth Reichl's "Tender at the Bone" where she hints at her mother's mental illness by describing her mother's "quirk" of serving dangerously old food to guests. Absolutely any story is fair game here, as long as it's personal, real and original."

  • So get eating - and writing.

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