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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coffee and Critique On Holiday Break - But Not the Blog

Coffee and Critique is on hiatus for the New Year because our next two meetings fall on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Our next meeting will be January 8, 2008. So if you been reading the blog and thinking about stopping by, come on down. You are the next contestant on "Get Your Writing Published." Check out our FAQ for details.

I will likely still be posting. Hello, my name is Tricia, and I'm addicted to blogging. Hello, Tricia. (Is it a bad sign when I'm talking to myself?) Nah.

I plan to spruce up the blog over break by linking to some of the excellent blogs I've been reading, but haven't had time to add here. Can't you smell that fresh pine scent already? Kinda like a new air freshener in your car.

As it is the end of the year and time to reflect, I'd like to post any writing success you all have had. So leave a comment if you like or email me at if you would like me to trumpet your accomplishments.

I'll start with blog reader Jerri who had her essay accepted for publication in Sauce Magazine for June 2008. She read about it here! We hate her because it was her first essay ever and she got it published! Congrats Jerri.

All my lovely Coffee and Critiquers better email too. I know you have stuff to post.

1 comment:

glasshut said...

I am currently on hiatus from publishing (a nice way to say I am too lazy to submit anything). However, as you are well aware, I am polishing my novel, so hope to do some pitching in the spring.

For my enduring fans (thanks Mom), you'll have to wait with baited breath (a little Scope could help get rid of that fish breath) until a brilliant agent catches my pitch and sells my novel for six figures (I'm not including decimal points here).

Until then, I'm bent on murder (in my novel, of course).