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Monday, December 17, 2007

All I Want for Christmas Is The Writers Off Strike, The Writers Off Strike

A lot of writing on television was awesome until the scrooge-in-training evil exectives refused to give the writers their fair share. They deserve it, people.

They killed Santa on Bones and had a group of Santas sing an evil version of "You Better Watch Out." It was priceless! And let's not forget House's evil game show disguised as a search for a new team of assistants. In other dialogue:

Pushing Daisies

1. Emerson: The truth ain't like puppies, a bunch of them running around, you pick your favorite

2. Ned: No. You let your anger win and you engage the crazy person, then you're no different than they are. People say "Hey! Look at those two crazy people fighting." I will not engage.

Emerson: Yeah. But if you don't engage, pretty soon people will start saying, "Hey, look at that crazy person eating that guy just sitting there doing nothing.

3. Emerson: Oh no, see, this is how it all ends. Some weird guy comes in saying stuff that don't make no sense. And by the time your head realizes "Hey, this weird guy makes no sense," your guts are all over the window.

Blood Ties

1. Vicki: Coreen, be still. No one likes a perky goth.

2. Vicki: Henry, I don't know what you want me to tell you. Alright, I checked, but Hallmark doesn't make a "Sorry I stabbed you in the gut, drank your vampire blood, and performed a dark magic ritual" card.

Pleeeeeese. Bring them back. Water them, feed them, do whatever it takes. It fills my pathetic life with nose-squirting-diet-coke laughter. I need that or I might snap and kill us all.


roller coaster teacher said...

I'll put that on my Christmas list, too. I'm itching for Grey's Anatomy.

Tricia Grissom said...

Ditto! I finally have time to watch a few programs and they are all reruns.