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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Writing Space

As I sit here this morning at my computer desk, I have to move aside dirty dishes, empty coke cans, and scribbled notes to get to my keyboard. I share my writing space with my family's computer pursuits. There is an open bag of mint chocolate chips my husband is snacking on, a disorganized rolodex, and my latest copy of Writer's Digest. It's a mess, and it's not just my other family members who created it.

Writer's Digest has profiles of different writers' spaces in their new issue. One thing I noticed in the pictures is that even the writer's space they say is messy looks pretty good to me. I used to think I couldn't write in all this debris. Now I'm not sure I could write without it. The t.v. is playing upstairs, the cats are walking on the keyboard, and my daughter is babysitting a three-year-old and six month old in the next room. And all of this seems perfectly normal.

But I have dreams. When I am a rich, famous writer, I will have an office all my own with bookshelves for reference books, a sleek computer with no fingerprints on the monitor, and a view that looks out on what passes for mountains in Missouri.

Anyone want to blog about their writing space now and the one they'd have if they had a million dollars?


Unknown said...

If I become a millionaire, one thing I definitely will have is a private room where I can write without getting interrupted, and a maid to clean up my mess. Oh, and a fully stocked mini-bar and fridge with chilled wine, bottled water, fresh fruit, and maybe some chocolate--can you tell it's close to suppertime? That reminds me: I better get off my butt and buy a Power Ball ticket if I ever expect to win.

zeldadg said...

Mini-bar! Excellent idea. Maid, even better. Privacy - I don't think that will happen if I have ten billion.