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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Horseradish Festival

Except for a somewhat damaged tongue, I had a great time covering Collinsville's International Horseradish Festival for Fiery Foods & BBQ Magazine. It's hard for me to cover events like this because I'm not very outgoing. Anyone who has advice for conquering this problem, let me know! I usually try to make contact through email first, so I don't have to walk up to someone cold.
Here are a couple pictures from the festival. That upside down thing is a horseradish root balloon.


Unknown said...

Looks like the festival was great fun. Love the horseradish root balloon. I get cold feet approaching strangers for interviews, too. What surprises me, though, after I work up the courage to talk is how friendly and talkative they generally are.

zeldadg said...

That's true. All of the people I talked to where very nice and forthcoming. People love to talk about what they know, so I try to remember that when I approach them.

Pat Wahler said...

I think most people feel flattered when asked for an interview. Kind of feels like a 15 minutes of fame moment!