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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Magazine Looking for St. Louis Food Writers and Common Ties Seeks Holiday Stories

Deborah Ng posted these two freelance opportunties on her website Freelance Writing Jobs. Love her site - it's a great resource for jobs.

The first one is for St. Louis based food writers for a new foodie magazine. Click on the entry that says freelance food writers - the fourth one down.

In the other notice, Common Ties is looking for holiday stories, so click on that heading for more info. They don't have to be sugar plums dancin' either. They can be nitty gritty holiday.

Gee, maybe I should send one about this Thanksgiving. I'm waiting to see if my father shows up at my house tomorrow since he's arguing with my brother about who is having Christmas. See, I incorporate two holidays into the story. Happy freaking holiday, people.

I do hope your Thanksgiving is peaceful and full of bounty. Not the paper towels.


glasshut said...

But keep the paper towels handy. Someone is sure to spill something on your new linen tablecloth that you paid full price for because the coupon doesn't work until AFTER the holiday.

Have a happy one,

Tricia Grissom said...

I absolutely endorse the value of paper towels. The management in no way meant to imply paper towels are not indispensible to the holiday season. :)