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Monday, November 26, 2007

I Humbly Beg Help of Thee - Need Parenting Quotes

Hello blog readers. I'm working on an article about how parents are starting to think they don't have to be parent martyrs - essentially they can have kids and still have a life. I'm looking for quotes to support this from parents of young children (4 and under).

Dad perspectives would be great. I could use more mom's too.

The Questions
So can you be a parent and still preserve your individual identity and pursuits? What specific things do you do that preserve your identity?

If you leave a comment (I shall kiss your toes in a totally virtual way) please include your state, ages of children, and email me at with contact info so I can prove to my editor you aren't a 80 year old guy yanking my chain. Can't guarantee I'll use your info, but sure would appreciate the help. I need all responses by Thursday. You can comment or just email me.

Bless you.


glasshut said...

Do four year old dogs count? No actually I've sent some emails begging friends and family to come answer your questions, so hope that helps.

If you ever want to know about granddogs, I'm your go-to girl.

Now quit writing in your blog until Friday. That's my deadline and I can't write for coming here and checking it out.

Only 9121 more words to go...

Tricia S.

Tricia Grissom said...

Hey, dogs are probably very similar. I know my cats are. You are blowing me away with this word count. Go Tricia, go tricia, go tricia.

Mucho thanks for referring your friends and family. I really miss coming to critique. I should be there next week.

glasshut said...

Ditto - we miss you too! So hurry and meet those deadlines and get yourself back. Can't you pawn some of that work off on Manalo

Tricia Grissom said...

Alas, Manolo is skilled in many ways, but in writing he lacks a certain felicity with the English language.