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Friday, November 2, 2007

List of New Magazine Launches in October

Mr. Magazine has a blog on how the candy-fat month of October tends to be the biggest month for magazine launches. He has a list of ninety-six magazines that launched last month, complete with pictures of their covers.

Want to write about beer? There's a magazine for that. Actually there are several. I'm not sure what the women with big boobs is doing on the cover of this new one. I've never seen sex associated with beer advertising. . .

How about Koi? Yeah, I mean the fish. There is a magazine dedicated to Koi. Colorado, Iowa, Oklahoma, Florida and Hawaii are a few states that have new magazines dedicated to them.

Query forth.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and all your recent posts. This is a great blog.

You know what I hate about magazines, though? Yes, if I want to write about beer, crochet, polo, iguanas, homosexual rock gardening, South American mountain climbing, I can find a market. But what if I want to write short stories, straightforward literary fiction? I have to wave goodbye to the commerical markets and go to the obscure academic journals, where even with my huge list of pro commericial-mag credentials without an MFA my odds are approximately .00025% of getting printed but even if I do I'll have to find a way to live on a $150 stipend.


Tricia Grissom said...

Glad you like the blog.

Hey, send me the guidelines about the homosexual rock gardening magazine - LOL

Yep. I totally agree with your comment. Being a little optimistic about the stipend, aren't you? Most don't want to pay you anything but a contributor's copy for your hard work. It's one of the reasons I've been doing all commercial stuff recently.

But I still can't give up on the literary dream either. That's strictly in my non spare time.

Now back to my query on homosexual rock gardening.