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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shrinking Violet Promotions - Marketing for Introverts

Hello, my name is Tricia and I'm an introvert. "Hi, Tricia!"

Yes, I know I'm a teacher and it seems counter intuitive that I'd be an introvert. I don't have much trouble talking with small groups like my classes after I get to know them, so it doesn't always show.

But ordering pizza - I try to pawn it off on my children or husband (also introverts, so we usually draw straws - we're like the hermit family Robinson). I'd rather communicate through email than talk on the phone any day. The phone is a soul-sucking device that makes my ear sweaty and my left eye twitch. By email I get positively chatty.

So I was tickled pink (or purple in this case) to find a site devoted to book marketing for introverts. Shrinking Violet Promotions gives tips to writers who'd rather sit in a corner at writing conferences surrounded by only people we already know. We don't do networking. We'd rather have our eyeballs deep-fried. (Seriously, deep-fried anything, mmmm). Does that thought constitute cannibalism?

Anyway, they even have a link to a Myers-Brigg personality test so you can see if you're an introvert. Probably most of you are already clued in by the way you hide from people.

I love the blog because their advice works with your introverted personality instead of trying to force you into extroversion. So if your sole source of contact with the outside world is the Internet and the characters in your book, you may want to check it out.

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