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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bank offers Kindle 2 for New Account Holders

Want a Kindle 2? A bank is offering one to new customers. You only need $50,000 to deposit.  LOL. I think people can get their own Kindle 2 if they have that much moolah lying around.

Yeah, yeah. I know. As much complaining as I've done about Amazon, I've still been seduced. *Puffs cigarette in leisurely manner* I can't help it. I love my Kindle 2.

You see, it whispered to me seductively, hey teacher, you could download all those classic books for free and read excerpts to your students without carrying mounds of bookage around to class. And why not store all your syllabi on it so you don't have to root through the mounds of papers to find the right one? Heaven.

Not to mention the access to books. At 3 freaking a.m. if I want! As god is my witness, I never have to go bookless again. Are there disappointments with it? Well, sure. I haven't figured out how to organize my many tomes on it. Folders would have been useful, Amazon. And sometimes I see phantom impressions on mine from pages past- nothing that interfers with my reading, mind you. But today I bought one Kindle book in a series I normally read, and got another in the series free. Nice. It averaged out at about $2.79 per book. We shall see if the pricing holds.

Spoiled am I. Thanks Mom and D.J. I promise to ask for nothing for the next three Christmases and a half.

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