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Monday, June 23, 2008

Erotica is Hot in More Ways Than One

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Publisher's Weekly has an article about the new mainstreaming of Erotica including the news that Pocket books has optioned 39 more books from epublisher Ellora's Cave.

The most interesting point in the article is the fact these authors are removing the stigma from epublishing by producing successful, good quality books. The perception had been that you epubbed because you couldn't get into a print house - which may be correct, but not for reasons of quality.

The paper side of the business is risk adverse, so they catch on to new trends through small presses and others willing to take the risk.

Low risk doesn't seem to be working so well for big publishing. Is it time for a new methodology? What should it look like? Should there still be personality driven imprints around one person's reading taste? God forbid they should have focus groups. What can save publishing today for authors and companies?

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