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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Titles Agents Are Looking For and Personalized Rejection Letters

Two agents at the L. Perkins Agency have posted wish lists of submission titles they'd like to see come across their desks. So if you have a book that matches or you like one of the ideas, you have the inside track.

Jenny is also offering personalized query rejection letters for a limited time. If you submit your project between now and July 23rd, you'll get a personalized letter explaining why you were rejected if they decide not to request a partial.

No one likes rejection, but it could offer some great insights into refining your project. But don't be a goober and email them nasty things if you don't like their comments. Dignity people.

Jenny Rappaport:

  • A mainstream YA novel about a teenage girl living as an illegal immigrant in the United States.

  • A non-Western society steampunk fantasy. Where are all the African steampunk books?

  • A *good* YA science fiction novel that doesn't involve spaceships, portals, telepathic powers, or aliens.

  • A novel about a Japanese woman working as a hostess; I want it dirty and power-intrigue filled.

  • A British historical romance that doesn't involve a member of the nobility. Think Jane Austen gentry with sex.

  • A contemporary romance with ice skating in it; either a male or female figure skater; I'm good with both.

  • A novel about how one woman's obsession with the Food Network saves her life.

  • An urban fantasy with an atypical male protagonist--no vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, or faeries allowed.

  • A kick-ass AI based science fiction novel. Not just fancy robots with human-like characteristics; give me true AI and its ramifications.

Lori Perkins:

  • AN OFFICER AND A LADY Turn the old Richard Gere classic on its head. Make her the officer and him the factory worker and still make it work.

  • I want a chick lit stripper novel, damn it! I get so many stripper stories by men, or heart-wrenching stripper memoirs, but what I really want is Bridget Jones as a stripper. (By the way, there's a short story anthology I'm working on, so any stripper short stories and/or strippers who write fiction, please contact me).

  • SEX AND SHOES I don't know what the story is about, but I would definitely pick up this book based on the title alone.

  • A TALE OF TWO PRINCESSES I recently went to a lesbian wedding and they both wore wedding dresses. My best friend is getting married for the second time in her mid-50's and I have been hunting down the ultimate wedding dress. This made me think about how much fun it would be to be two women buying and undressing each other in these elaborate clothes.

Query on.

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