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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to Get A City To Promote Your Book - The Lace Reader

Talk about marketing. For all you self-published people who feel like second class citizens, check out Brunonia Barry's self-publishing story. HarperCollins picked bought her popular book, The Lace Reader, in a cool 2 million dollar deal. The new edition debuts today.

Her story is set is Salem, MA and when she suggested a promotion partnership with the city, they wisely jumped on it. There's now a tour map of Salem based on locations used in the book and restaurants are thinking up Lace Reader themed dishes to market to new tourists brought in by the story.

 The novel's premise uses an old piece of lace to read fortunes much in the same way people use tarot cards or crystal balls. And fortune tellers are now starting to use lace to read people because of the story.

So where to your characters live?

Even if you can't get the whole town promoting your book, is there a business you have contacts with that might join forces for some cross promotion? A restaurant that might create a sandwich named after your main character? Would it be too crass to feature their establishment in your next book? In these days where the author is responsible for much of the promo, is this kind of product placement too much?

Methinks it looks like smart marketing.

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