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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sock Wars

I bow to human creativity. The other Tricia from Coffee and Critique just sent me this link about "Sock Wars." I have no words.

If other people can be this creative, so can you my fellow writers! Look upon this and birth a crazy contest idea of your own. Then you could dramatize it in a short story. . .

Geez. This is the kind of stuff I use to procrastinate with instead of grading papers. *Backing away slowly*


glasshut said...

The "sock war" will kill all the procrastinators.

I'm thinking of a "dust bunny war." Every one has to gather up all the dust bunnies in their house and send them on. If you get some else's dust bunnies before you send yours out, then you have to clean their house. On second thought, that would require that I clean my house. And quite frankly, I have some really evil-looking dust bunnies collecting under my beds and behind furniture--so I'm scared to even look. (CLICHE ALERT) And the evil that you know is worse than the evil you don't know. I think I'll keep my own dust bunnies.

Tricia Grissom said...

I can't do dust bunnies. Mine have morphed into those thinks from Alien that jump on your face and smother you too death. Far too dangerous.

How about a game where we send out a list of random items you have to find and photograph, then send the proof on to your competitior.

Winner is whoever can find in their house:
car keys
philips head screwdriver
super glue
your property tax receipt
All library books due

Wait. It think I hear the library police at my door. Gotta go.

glasshut said...

I can add to the list

Scissors that actually cut
sharp pencil that hasn't been sharpened with a steak knife
lunch money (correct change)

(I bet getting up in the middle of the night to go bathroom at your house is a scary thing, if you have to worry about getting smothered by alien dust bunnies.)