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Friday, February 22, 2008

Are you Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

Writer Mama Christina Katz has a fun post over at her blog linking to a test that shows if you are left-brained or right-brained. It's one of those optical illusions where you can see two different pictures, depending on which areas your brain highlights.

If you see the figure turning counter-clockwise, you're more left brained. If she turns clockwise, you're right brained. If you see both, I guess you're pretty messed up. Actually it probably means you can multi-task, so I hate you. I can be grading papers then my mind shifts to "Oh look at the pretty lights outside. Me like the pretty lights." Concentration is not my strong suit.

I see her turning clockwise. The only way I can see her turning counter clockwise is if I look at it out of the corner of my eye. (She does stop turning periodically, I think she needs some caffeine or something - just wait a sec and she should start up again.)

Let me know if right-brained = writer. Most of those who commented on Christina's post said they are right-brained - and they are presumably wordsmiths. The article says most people see the figure going counter clockwise.

Step right up. You are the next contestant on "Your Brain is Right." Or Left.


Dawn said...

I don't think that spinning gal is as accurate as other tests. I took one (can't find it now) that had me 50/50, which the results also said is unusual since most people are more one than the other even if by a little. The other test was much more detailed. My sister, an artist, scored way right brain and she said this is why I manage the business end of my writing better than she does the business end of her art.

Tricia Grissom said...

I'm suspicious of the little tart too. My husband sees her going clockwise, and he's about the most logical, I-must-have-evidence, analytical person I know.

Plus right-brained is supposed to be have spatial talent. I can get so lost, they have to use GPS to find me.