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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Library Hotel - The Dewey Decimal Way to Stay

I want to stay at the Library Hotel! I Stumbled upon it through a crazylicious sight called Unusual Hotels of the World. There you can find treehouses, ice igloos and even a Beagle to sleep in.

But my biblophile's desire is The Library Hotel is in New York. It has ten floors of the Dewey Decimal System: You can stay on the Science and Math floor, the History and Technology floor, or my favorite, the Literature floor. Each room is a sub topic of the floor theme and is chock full of books based on it.

So the Lit floor has rooms centered around the classics, poetry, fairy tales and even erotic literature for Valentine's Day.
Guests can use the Writer's Den and sit by a crackling fire while they read, or check out the Poetry Garden, a greenhouse that accesses outdoor seating for fair weather frolics.

It's like a big piece of cheesecake on Mount Everest - I'll never get there, but it sure looks good. I'll have to live vicariously off the virtual tour.

You can check out The Library Hotel's website for more info. I'm not being paid to endorse it. It just looks seriously cool.

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