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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Crap I Write When I Can't Think of What Comes Next In My Book

The good news is I'm making progress on my shitty first draft (6,524 words) The bad news is my brain often spins around like a hamster on a wheel, falls off the wheel, then staggers off to the left because his hamster sense of balance has been shot to hell.

I got this far in my romance story (my heroine has fallen down the stairs in the hero's family home and has a sprained ankle). Then the hamster wheel came out. I couldn't think of one more word to write. Thus, I produced what is below:

After she got dressed, Ellie wondered out to see if she could get a ride home. Bakery smells led her to the kitchen. Mrs. Giordano exclaimed when she saw her. “Ellie. How are you feeling. Do you need to sit down?” She pulled out a stool and helped Ellie arrange the crutches against the counter.

But no. She could not stay in the kitchen. Ellie was drawn by an irresistible compulsion to quest. She got up and ascended Mt. Doom on her crutches. But she couldn’t not bring herself to cast the graven crutch into the fiery molten lava. Then fairies stole it from her. Then she died. And I am glad. Die, Ellie, die.

The End

I hope it will be better tomorrow. Otherwise the deathstar comes out.


BECKY said...

Hey Tricia! I'm always so happy to find a new post from you!! Any chance you'll be able to attend the Sat Writers meeting on the 25th? Would love to see you!

Tricia Grissom said...

Thanks, Becky. The meeting is very tempting, but I am doing an all- writing weekend. The kids are away for a week, and I promised myself I would fill up pages. No family gatherings, no kibbitzing, just writing.

If I went to the meeting, there would be too much fun, I would stay a long time and procrastinate in the extreme.

But I will be back! I promise. Thanks for not forgetting me :)

BECKY said...

Awww, Tricia! I know how it is....but this meeting would be REALLY good for your writing muse!! A little break between your writing frenzy?! Can I convince you?!

Lisa Medley said...

I am going to have to become you friend. I am afraid I like you already and I have only read four posts!

Tricia Grissom said...

Hey, Lisa, you sound like a kindred spirit. I can use all the friends I can get :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog. said...

Hate to be so picky, but something in me caused me to think you said "wondered" (look at or think about as in awe or amazement, I believe) when it seems by the context that you meant "wandered" (as in stroll about with no particular destination in mind.") I feel so sorry for your poor heroine. Based on your disdain for her, my guess is that she will come to no good end.

Hey, I understand. I've been stymied for too long on a couple of projects which should have been completed long ago. In trying to encourage a talented Son, I keep telling him "thinking is not writing. Writing is writing." And I tell me that as well. Good luck