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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Woohoo for Pat Wahler and Her New Blog Critter Alley

Congrats to Coffee and Critiquer Pat Wahler whose six word memoir on Love and Heartbreak will be in the book of the same name in Feb 09. She found the submission info about Smith Magazine's fun six word tomes on this blog and was kind enough to tell me so.

She's also taken the brave foray into blogging, so go check out her blog Critter Alley where she blogs about cute critters (do not confuse these with critique group members, although we can be as fluffy as woodland creatures at times). And don't forget to congratulate her.


Tricia Sanders said...

Woo hoo Pat. I'll go check out her blog. I love critters.

Tricia, you're doing great things with the blog. Keep it up. Anybody else if you got published because of something yousaw her, let Tricia G. know.

Tricia Sanders said...

pardon the spelling--NaNoWriMo has caused me to shut down my internal editor and she must really be on vacation...

Meant to say

Anybody else if you got published because of something you saw here, let Tricia G. know.

Tricia Grissom said...

I second that! I love to hear it when you guys find things on the blog, and everyone needs a woohoo when they get something published.

K9friend said...

Thanks Tricia! You do a great job of keeping up with the myriad of submission opportunities!