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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kudos To Author David Lee Kirkland

Saturday Writers member David Lee Kirkland has rave a review of his new book, The Yesteryear Tales in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

An excerpt:

"However you want to pigeonhole this book, be sure to put it somewhere on your shelf. It's a countrified delight — a collection of folk wisdom and folk folly. The stories center on farming — and hunting, and ranching, and Sunday sermons and Saturday-night sexual shenanigans. You'll learn how to saddle a balky mount and how to rein in a randy neighbor. And you'll read all about it in the backwoods prose that Kirkland employs to tell his terse tales."

1 comment:

David Lee Kirkland said...

Thanks for the mention! My next book is quite different, titled God's Three Step Plan for Your Life, which is a study on the Old Testament verse Micah 6:8. Advance reader copies should be available within a couple weeks, hooray!