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Tuesday, August 19, 2008 and The Maui Writers Conference

Writers Digest is introducing, a feature that lets you watch streaming videos from popular writing conferences. If you didn't make it to ThrillerFest, you can watch video workshops from the conference for $14.99 a session or subscribe to the series for $69.99.

Soon they'll also have sessions from the star-packed Maui Writers Conference. Or you can register as a member of the Maui Writers Conference online and get access to videos, podcasts, and other info for writers. New material is added each month. It's $99 for six months or $19.95 for a month - not inexpensive, but much cheaper than the conference.

Not sure if it's worth it? Check out their free video of past conference highlights or other sample videos. The highlight video is worth it just for the first few minutes to see Ron Howard sing. Seriously, the whole video is a inspiration vaccination for authors. You'll also see Sue Grafton, Dave Barry, Frank McCourt, and a bunch of people who'll need restraining orders if I go to that conference.

Last, but not least from the world of writing and tech, you can also buy the MP3s or audio Cd from the 2008 Erma Bombeck humor writing workshop for $129. Technology rules.

My ultimate evil plan/life goal is to go to the Maui Writers Conference and stumble around clutching the schedule to my chest and trying to trip over the writerly famous. Steel-toe boots people. I'm just saying.


Tricia Sanders said...

Well, isn't that the coolest. Thanks for sharing.

Tricia Grissom said...

I love that highlight video! It bottles why I go to writing conferences.