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Friday, April 11, 2008

Missouri Writers' Guild Opens Membership and New Website Debuts

Great news for all aspiring writers. The Missouri Writers' Guild is introducing tiered membership. Now more writers than ever can join the Guild. They also have a brand new look for their website.

Announcement from past President Margo Dill:

The Missouri Writers' Guild is proud to announce a new membership system. . . Tiered Membership--anyone who meets the requirements can join. You DON'T have to live in Missouri or have any ties to Missouri. You just have to want to network with hundreds of writers and belong to a growing and energized organization!

There will be four classes of membership:
Full (you need a book or 3 paid publications in magazines, newspapers, etc)

Associate (you need 1 publication--paid or unpaid, including self-published)

Student (any college student!)

Honorary (this is a nominated class of membership).

Dues range from $45 to $20, depending on your level of membership and if you are renewing or a first-time member. For more information, please see or contact

Hope to see you as an MWG member soon!

Past President--Margo Dill (

So essentially one publication will do it - paid or unpaid. Then you can upgrade your membership as you get paid publications. So join the Missouri Writers' Guild, network, learn, and enjoy the company of other writers just like you.

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