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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anthologies Seek Stories about Iraq War, Breast Cancer, and Recovering From Financial Disaster

According to the Anthology News and Reviews Blog, LaChance Publishing is seeking a variety of essays for their "Voices of" book series including:

Voices from Iraq
Voices of Depression
Voices of Breast Cancer, volume 2
Voices of Childhood Cancer
Voices of Diabetes
Voices of Heart Disease
Voices of Parkinson's
Back From Zero (Recovering from financial disaster)
Dogs - stories about dogs who have changed people's lives

Pay: $200 per story, based on length
Deadlines: They have a variety of deadlines listed in their submission guidelines.

The "Voices of" series looks similar to the Chicken Soup and Cup of Comfort books.

If you've had a financial disaster, it may be cathartic to write an essay about it - and maybe even get paid for submitting to the series. There was a gut wrenching story on NPR yesterday about the locksmiths who come to change all the locks on foreclosed homes, and what owners leave behind.

If you are in dire financial straits, I'm so sorry. Not to sound goopy or anything, but I'm sending prayers out there for you.


Anonymous said...

I never apologize for prayers anymore after finding this:

Ditto on the people with money problems.

Tricia Grissom said...

I know lots of people out there are hurting - for whatever reason.

The internet has been a way to disconnect for some, but I'm glad it can help support others.

I find this prayer helps:

Hi, God. Things pretty much suck right now. Any help you can give me would be great. Amen.

Sorry if the language offends, but it's telling it like it is.