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Monday, July 16, 2007

Don't Do What I Did

So I was writing this email query to Writer's Digest, and I accidentally clicked "send" when I meant to click "save draft." The buttons are right next to each other! Who thought that was a good idea? I usually draft in Word, then cut and paste into my email, but I can't help fiddling with the thing until the last minute I send it. My advice - draft in Word until the very last second.

So the first ever query I sent to Writer's Digest was full of unclear pronoun references and a not-a-reason-in-hell-for-being-there comma in the last paragraph. After I screamed in horror and debated what to do, I emailed a brief apology for the errors, explaining what I had done. I debated about sending a corrected version, but all the advice I've heard says never send a new query letter to replace the previous one. So I didn't. But it torments me still. Sigh. I have another idea for them. Hopefully this query will convince them I am not a dolt.


K9friend said...

Oh yes, the infamous "I pressed the wrong button" moment!

A colleague of mine once tried to forward a semi-racy joke to a friend and accidently pressed the button that forwarded the joke to the entire judicial circuit (judges, clerks, you name it).

It got pretty ugly from there.

irishoma said...

Before I retired someone who was quitting her job wrote a scathing e-mail to her boss, but she sent it to all employees and managers in the agency, rather than just her boss.

Wonder if she had a hard time finding a reference.