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Monday, July 21, 2014

Coffee and Critique Book Swap

Several months ago a few members suggested that we have an organized C&C book swap as a way to give us a chance to read and enjoy each other's published works and support our members without breaking the bank.

So . . . if you have written a book or have a story in an anthology and would like to participate in the book exchange, feel free to bring your books with you tomorrow, Jul 22, or next Tuesday, Jul 29.

We will do the swap around noon, or earlier if we finish critiques quickly.

Participation is strictly voluntary.

If you'd rather not exchange your books, that's fine. I totally understand the need to make a living at writing.

If you aren't able to attend on either of those days, don't fret. We will have another swap in a few months. In fact, if there's still interest in doing the exchange, we'll try to do them quarterly.


Bookie said...

Oh this sounds so great!!! I wish I could be a mouse in your pocket!!!!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Wish you could be here too.

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