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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Go Fish! Summer Writing Contest Announcement

Coffee and Critique
Members Only
Summer Writing Contest
Holy mackerel! It's contest time!
Wanted:  Short stories, essays, and creative nonfiction pieces with a fish-related theme.

Quota (aka word count): Between 500-1,000 words.   Entries shorter or longer will be thrown back.
Include the word count on page one.

Castoff date (aka deadline): Tuesday, Sep 3.
Contest open to Members of Coffee and Critique only.   
No Fee to enter.
Every entry must have a title. 
One entry per person.
 All entries should be typed double-spaced, 12-pitch font.

 Except for the title, no name or other identification should appear on your submission.

 On the day of the contest (Tuesday, Sep 3):

Place your entry in the folder marked ENTRIES.

Fill out a 3x5 card (I’ll provide them) with your name and the title of your submission.

Place completed card in the envelope marked CARDS WITH TITLES AND NAMES.

Readings will be done at random by volunteers.
If you pick your story out of the pool of entries, toss it back and snag another. 

Judging will be done by your piers. No critiques will be given the day of the contest.

Score each entry between one and ten (no decimals), with ten being the highest.

To put all entries on equal footing, score your own submission with a ten.

After all readings are completed, scores will be tallied.
Winners will be announced by the contest coordinator, who will not enter the contest.

Prizes: Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
(No promises, but if I can dig up a few clams from the bottom of my purse, a modest cash award will be given for 1st place.)

Bonus: Entries may be considered for inclusion in the C&C anthology.
Hook your reader!
Pen something a-lure-ing!
Put some mussel in your writing!
You’ll shore have fun!



Marcia G. said...

Okay, I'm filled to the gills with ideas for crappie fish stories. (How's that for a line, Bill M?) I'm nibbling at a couple of lines. Sink or swim, I'm rocking the boat.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Now, that's the spirit, Marcia! I bet you'll write a whale of a tale.

Alice said...

Well kiss my bass. Aren't you guys being clever!