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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Announcements and Welcome to our New Members

Something's always brewing at Coffee and Critique.

In the past month or so we've had some new members join us, so I'd like to formally welcome them to our group.

Bill S. -- not to be confused with Bill M, whom Bill S. refers to as Bill the Elder -- has traveled the world during his military and civilian career. His stories reflect his many adventures, mostly with women who become his girlfriends or wives.

John is a busy father of two-year-old triplets and a four-year-old son. John writes faith-based epistles and true stories infused with spiritual messages. John's readings inspire and uplift, and at times have moved me to tears. Yesterday he announced that his manuscript "Letters to Jack" has been accepted by Treehouse Publishing Group.

Janet is a talented writer and thoughtful critique giver who has already published a book. She's been busy of late helping with the 2013 MWG conference, but after the conference is over we're hopeful she'll visit more regularly.

Sarah, our newest member, visited for the first time yesterday. Sarah is a gifted writer who has already completed an historical fiction novel. She read the first chapter yesterday, and I'm already hooked and want to hear more.


In other news, Lou reports that she saw Nick over the weekend, and he seems to be doing well. We are all praying for his recovery. Nick Nixon's memoir, Dreams Worked Magic, has been re-released by High Hill Press with five new stories.

Several members from C&C dropped in for Jack's book signing last Saturday at All on the Same Page Book Store. Sadly, because of a family event I couldn't make it, but yesterday both Charles and I purchased copies of Jack Zerr's latest book, Sundown Town Duty Station.

Becky has been busy moving and is finalizing her memoir.

Claudia has an agent who is looking for a publisher for her women's fiction novel.

Donna, Jack, Marcia, and Karen had works accepted for publication in the 2013 Edition of Well Versed, published by the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild. 

If you are a member of C&C and have some news to share, please let me know.

Posted by Donna Volkenannt.


BECKY said...

Hey Donna! Great to read all the news, and gee, thanks for the mention! :)

Janet said...

Sounds like you have a very prolific and successful writer's group!

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Becky,
You are welcome.

Hi Janet,
It is!


Marcia G. said...

Good grief! Miss a meeting and miss a whole lot of good stuff. Thx for the update. Can't wait for next week. MWG conference and Poetry Month will be behind us! Whew.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Marcia,
Hope you have fun at MWG!

Dianna Graveman said...

Congrats to all! Sounds like a great group.