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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Next Big Writer Review

The good news. I've received excellent feedback on my first 3 chapters of Zombies at The Next Big Writer. I think it is more than worth the price of admission to get fast critique of my work. The review for points system is more than fair, though I admit some people could be more specific in their reviews if they really want to earn their points. If you don't have a group of writers who can give you feedback, I recommend The Next Big Writer. I also think it's great if you need an opinion from readers who prefer your genre.

My writer friends are awesome. I value their opinions. But they wouldn't normally read the kinds of books I write. They just do it for me (thank you, writer friends). Their on-the-outside critique combined with the reviews I can get on the website from readers who would choose to read in my genere equal the perfect form of critique. It gives me the best of both worlds.
The bad news - I must lie in bed in despair, as some of the writing there strikes fear and envy in me. I am not bad. But I want to be more than "not bad"! I want to be great, mesmerizing, awe-inspiring, millions-of-fans-catching good. Waaaaaaaaa!

But you're still revising, I tell myself, it will get better.

I don't care! the sulky child stomps. I want it to be perfect nooooooow. I hate them! I love them! Oh schizzle, I'm having a temper tantrum, an identity crisis and a severe attack of jealousy. How will I ever write again!

Because I have no choice. The show must go on. The book must be written. The draft must be made better. But it is a hard, bitter thing to know it's not yet where I want it to be......

You will find me hiding under the covers.

Watch for the work of Ripley Patton, Lucy Rice, and Marcia Wells. Good stuff, dammit.

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