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Monday, January 4, 2010

Agent Nathan Bransford's Blog Contest

Here is great brain exercise for the new year. Enter literary agent Nathan Bransford's The Secret Year Teen Diary Extravaganza. Write a diary entry a la teenage angst (not to exceed 500 words), and you may be a winner. You have until 4:00 PM Pacific Time on Wednesday January 6th.

From the website: The GRAND PRIZE ULTIMATE WINNER of the THE SECRET YEAR Teen Diary Writing Contest Extravaganza will win:

- A signed copy of THE SECRET YEAR (pending winner's proximity to the US of A)
- Their choice of a query critique, partial critique, or 10 minute phone conversation/consultation/dish session
- The pride of knowing OMG you are like the greatest writer for teens ever.

Runners up may get a critique as well.


BECKY said...

Hey Trish...This sounds cool. Maybe I'll give it a try!

K9friend said...

Interesting contest. It's a shame he didn't propose an Old Lady diary entry.

Now that kind of angst I could do!

irishoma said...

Hi Tricia,
Sounds interesting, but it's been sooooo long since I've been a teen I wouldn't know what to write.