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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Think Outside the Bridge?

As an aspiring writer, I spend mega amounts of time reading about the right way to create novels, essays, and query letters. What should the exact word count be on that young adult novel? What kind of font should I use to submit my manuscript?

Then someone sent me a picture of this spectacular water bridge, (scroll down a bit to see it) and I laughed with the sheer joy of seeing something so creative. I mean, when you think of building materials for a bridge, water isn't generally numero uno on the list. Sometimes I forget that breaking-the-rules creative part in striving to do things the "correct" way.

Cool bridge. 


John said...

That is impressive!

However, the people who break the rules in the most spectacular and creative ways are usually those who understand those rules best.

Tricia Grissom said...

Good point. Understanding them helps you break them in new and intereesting ways :)

John said...

Yep, new and interesting ways versus old and stupid ways. That is the difference between understanding rules and ignorance of them.

Janel said...

Very creative! And I thought boat locks were impressive.