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Monday, June 11, 2007

Writing Software

I was just curious if anyone besides me uses writing software. I use a program called WriteItNow for novels, and I absolutely love it. It has different sections that let me keep track of character names, ages, and quirks. There are also tabs to write notes. It has some other fancy features I don't use, but I love the ones I do.

I know all you really need is Microsoft Word, but I find it difficult to go back and forth between documents to look at my chapters. With this I'm just a few clicks away from another chapter or all my character info. It's well worth it for the $40.00 bucks I spent. It also has a place to keep track of queries - if I ever actually send any out:)

Does anyone use writing software? Do you think it gets in the way instead? How does everyone keep track of their submissions?


K9friend said...

I'm going to check out some writer software. I love browsing software to enhance my computer's capabilities almost as much as I love browsing books!


zeldadg said...

I picked mine after reading a Writer's Digest review of software. It came out in 2006. If you have a subscription, I think you can go online and search their site for the article. The did a great job breaking down the features.

glasshut said...

I use Bard's Assistant to track submissions. I've used it for about 3 years now and love it. I think it is free now. The guy that wrote it, Hank, actually did it for his wife who is a writer. If you do a search on Bard's Assistant, you should come up with his website. I think the name of his company is Timberline Engineering.

Bill said...

I’m a big fan of PageFour. It makes navigating between chapters is so easy, and it has all the word processing features you could ever want. I converted a year ago and never looked back.